Turn Up the Love

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the bass is never loud enough.

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Kandi for mail trades :)

First picture:

Mystical. Mindfucked. Tofu Robot. Wonderland. Take Me To Wonderland. Take Over Control Of Me. Plurmaid. What Time Is It. Faggy. Eat Pussy. Dubstep. Whore. Sun and Moon. High Life.

Second picture:

Nocturnal. EDC. Grr. Showtek. Afrojack. To Infinity and Beyond. Bass. XXX. DJ Caffeine. DJ S3RL. Fuck It Shit Happens (FISH) with a fish charm. Fuck Me. XTC. DJ Caffeine. High Life. S My D. I Am Titanium. V (for vagina!). Hixxy. Whalefin. Talk Dirty To Me. Kaskade.


one says OH SHIT.


one says Queer.


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How I feel now that raving has gotten so popular.



just made a little Smurf collection :3

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